Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Today -100: July 6, 1922: Of flags, extraditions, and overly exciting sports

A. Bruce Bielaski, the former head of the Dept of Justice’s Bureau of Investigation, who escaped kidnappers in Mexico after 3 days, is ordered arrested. Newspapers have been claiming he connived at his own kidnapping to discredit the Obregón government. 

The last rebel stronghold in Dublin surrenders. The Free State is now in charge of what remains of Dublin. Let the executions begin! 

No one knows where Éamon de Valera is.

Awkward NYT Juxtaposition of the Day -100:  

In Germany, tensions are high over the recent assassinations. In Saxony, a bunch of republican workers demand Count Gneisenau remove the imperial flag from his chateau. The graf’s lackeys respond with fatal rifle and machine gun fire. The workers then raid a sharpshooters’ association and return to the battle, with more deaths on both sides. The next day a bunch of Communist miners arrive, heavily armed, and get that damned flag down. There are a bunch of other violent incidents scattered throughout Germany, but this was the most entertaining. The Wirth government is working on a bill to increase powers to Defend the Republic, but will need Communist votes in the Reichstag.

Gov. Harry Davis (R) of Ohio refuses to extradite a black man to Georgia to face murder charges, saying he’d be lynched.

Headline of the Day -100:  

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