Monday, November 20, 2023

Today -100: November 20, 1923: Brain fever, huh? That’s one term for it.

The Oklahoma State Senate removes Gov. Jack Walton from office on the first count of impeachment, abusing his pardon & parole power, by a unanimous vote. Walton’s defense had withdrawn from the trial. The Senate goes on to convict on 10 other counts: padding the state payroll, dispersing a grand jury, suspending habeas corpus, issuing deficiency certificates when there was no deficiency, raising excess campaign funds, illegally seeking gifts, and general incompetence. He is acquitted of other charges.

Vienna University is closed after violent attacks on Jewish students. Similar attacks take place in the university of Jassy, Romania.

Adolf Hitler, held in Landsberg fortress under guards “selected for their powers of resistance to Hitler’s magnetic personality,” is said to have brain fever.

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