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Today -100: April 3, 1924: There are three generations from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves

Coolidge nominates Columbia Law School dean Harlan Fiske Stone to be attorney general. He & Coolidge were college buds.

Speaking of Columbia Law School, white students there are protesting black law student Frederick W. Wells being allowed to live in a dorm (it took them a while to realize he wasn’t an elevator “boy”). Wells says he won’t be bullied into moving out, but will do so if requested by university authorities. A cross is burned outside the dorm after midnight, which seems to be Klan rather than law students.

The Ku Klux Klan was a big issue in Missouri’s municipal elections Tuesday. Klan-supported candidates won more often than not.

Treasury Sec Andrew Mellon tells the Senate Finance Committee that increasing the tax on estates worth more than $10 million would be “economic suicide.” Anyway, he says, inherited fortunes fail to continue: “There are three generations from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves.”

H.L. Scaife, a lawyer and former Bureau of Investigation agent, testifies to the Sen. committee investigating the DOJ that Secretary of War John Weeks, former Attorney Gen. Harry Daugherty and others conspired to quash a $5 million claim against the Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp.

German right-wingers – monarchists, Nazis & the like – riot in Berlin at the funeral of Willy Dreyer, who died in a French prison. He was there for dynamiting a train in the occupied Ruhr (a detail missing from the NYT story), but the nationalists are spinning him as a martyr.

Assistant Treasury Secretary McKinzie Moss asks for a cost estimate for a fence along the entire California-Mexican border.

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