Monday, September 17, 2001

Sharon says, out loud, that he is refusing talks with Arafat in hopes that Arafat won't join in Bush's little crusade, so Israel can continue its own crusade against Arafat with impunity.

Bush's use of the word crusade is another reason they should never let him speak in public again. He couldn't have said something more disturbing to the Islamic world if he had called bin Laden a sand nigger. And today he said that he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive," which provides the perfect excuse for Afghanistan not to give him up (yes I know how ironic a Taliban stance in favor of due process is--though I'm sure they always have a trial before knocking a wall on top of a homosexual--but irony tends to go unnoticed in politics, as seen in the confirmation last week of Negroponte.)

Speaking of choosing the right words, I've got one to replace all the talk of "an act of war." Actually 3 words: crime against humanity.

Catholic churches in England are to replace the traditional confessional with glass screens, to cut down on sexual abuse of children.

Speaking of which, Swaziland bans sex for 5 years for young women. Also shaking hands. Also trousers. And they're supposed to wear a tassel or something to indicate virginity. I'm assuming they'll also wear other clothes. This will of course wipe out the scourge of AIDS. Good luck with that.

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