Saturday, September 15, 2001

Thanks but no thanks: 1,000 prostitutes marched in Calcutta condemning the terrorist attacks and offering to donate blood.

Austria has a program to deal with arrested young neo-Nazis, forcing them to take a course in History and Democracy. It's assuming that they're just young and bored and ignorant rather than assholes. We'll see.

The term terrorist is great, isn't it? If you can use it to describe your enemies, you're automatically one of the good guys. After something in the 1980s, possibly the discoteque bombing, the first one on the phone to offer crocodile sympathy was the South African president, Botha or De Klerk, because of course the poor white South African people were also fighting terrorists. Ditto the Israelis, who seem to be having trouble refraining from rubbing their hands together in glee (and some didn't refrain, including a couple of cabinet ministers and Netanyahu), and of
course Sharon, who is no more in the right today than he was a week ago, and has no less blood on his hands, thinks he can stop negotiating with Arafat.

At my end, my real modem still isn't talking with Windows, possibly for similar reasons to Sharon and Arafat, my front door broke, my VCR broke, and my diverticulitis seems to have flared up again. On the bright side, my landlord fixed the door, I bought a new VCR I think I kind of like (but not its remote), and there's a cat on my shoulders. Nope, there he goes. Oh dear, Opie and Turquoise just reached the food bowl at the same time. Now they're calling each other terrorists (the extra k's are from using an old unfamiliar keyboard with my old 386 computer which still has a working, if very slow, modem). Now Opie is eating my cat's food and my cat is on the back of the chair I'm sitting in. More bulletins as necessary.

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