Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Holy monkeys

Favorite headline of the day, from the London Times: “Holy Monkeys Prey on Children.” No, it’s not about Bush and the No Child Left Behind Act, but Hindu temple monkeys.

A Russian nuclear scientist kept 8 containers (400g) of weapons-grade plutonium in his garage for 6 years. He found it in the trash of a facility that had been closed down, and then looted, and decided to take it home, rather than letting the looters get hold of it. He did try to turn it in to the authorities, but nobody returned his calls. Now he has tried again, hoping for a reward, but instead is facing criminal charges.

Qian Qichen, China’s former foreign minister and vice-premier, wrote a few days ago that the “philosophy of the ‘Bush Doctrine’ is in essence force” and said Bush was trying to “rule over the whole world.” And your point is?

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