Thursday, November 04, 2004

Wisened to the ways of Washington: I watch Chimpy’s press conference so you don’t have to


“Republicans, Democrats & independents all love their country”. Some of us a lot less than 2 days ago.

He keeps calling the tax code antiquated. In what way? Or is this just more of Karl Rove’s anti-gay strategy, you know, antiquing.

On Social Security, he wants people to “own something.” For example.

It’ll be “hard work” to bring people together (to fuck Social Security).

He wants people around him not to tell him “Man, you’re looking pretty.”

Because he’s all about the open-mindedness.

Says he’s been “wisened to the ways of Washington.”

“I’ll reach out to everyone who shares our goals.”

A reporter breaks the news that Arafat is dead (which he isn’t). Bush: “God bless his soul.”

He believes there will be good will in Washington, now that the election is over.

He wants a line-item veto.

And the first place he uses that line-item veto: against reporters asking follow-up questions. Refers to the “one-question rule” as “the will of the people.”

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