Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hopefully the hyphen issue can be resolved without too much bloodshed

The revolution will not only be televised, but trademarked: Viktor Yushchenko’s 19-year old son has registered all the logos of Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution.” Andriy Yushchenko has a BMW and a platinum cell phone, so the revolution was well worth it.

The US never has political fights over the important issues, like spelling. Not so the Germans. In my favorite sentence from any news story today, the London Times reports “The states of Bavaria and North Rhine Westphalia are refusing to implement the reform until the hyphen issue has been resolved.”

(Update): although there is this sentence, in the WaPo: “As a bystander showed off a cardboard box containing the bomber’s body parts, the shopkeeper asked: ‘When are we going to have quiet again and live like normal people?’”

That’s in Iraq, if you had to ask.

Bush is breaking Reagan’s record for longest presidential vacation (not counting the 80 days James Garfield spent lollygagging around after he was shot) and for most time spent on vacation. Bush says he needs the time to clear his mind, which may be the straightest straight line ever, and “I’ll also be kind of making sure my Texas roots run deep.”

Now I can’t get the image of him buried up to his waist out of my head. Horseshoes, anyone?

Since he doesn’t seem to be very busy, maybe they could get him to solve the hyphen issue.

Congrats to Eli Stephens on two years of Left I on the News (or 20 months since I discovered it, which is surely the more important milestone).

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