Thursday, August 04, 2005

Twelve whole points

Sony, which used quotes from a non-existent critic in its ads for several movies, has been ordered to refund $5 to anyone who paid to see Vertical Limit, A Knight’s Tale, The Animal, Hollow Man or The Patriot. Variety headline: “Sony in Fix over Fake Crix.”

Achmad Chalabi’s head of public relations is shot to death, which to my mind speaks very poorly about his abilities in the public relations field. Just saying.

That AP story also has this bit of, I’m assuming, parody:
Seeking to reassure the public, Iraq’s prime minister announced a new plan for combating insurgents, declaring “we are in a state of war.”

Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari gave few details of the plan but said it was divided into 12 points and included steps to improve intelligence, protect infrastructure and prevent foreign fighters from infiltrating the country.
I’m reassured just knowing that his plan is divided into 12 points, aren’t you? I mean, that’s a lot of points. And that Iraq is in a state of war, that’s awfully reassuring as well.

Speaking of state of war, we’re evidently back to The War Against Terror (TWAT), because Chimpy couldn’t memorize Global Struggle Against Violent Extremists.

Astonishingly, Haitians are not registering to vote. Only one-fifth have so far, and the deadline is next week. The International Crisis Group is blaming poor security, as opposed to the fact that the last democratically elected president was bundled onto a plane by American Marines, more or less at gun point, and sent into exile. Makes the whole voting thing seem kinda pointless.

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