Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers: cannon-fodder in size-six shoes

I’m not surprised by Harriet Miers’s gender – he wasn’t going to appoint another white male – but I was surprised by her age.

The choice of Miers shows how nonsensical was the idea of some Dems that they could leverage their votes for John Roberts into a demand for “another” John Roberts, thus warding off the possibility of another Scalia or Thomas or Bork. But the strategy of giving Bush what he wants in hopes of a payoff has about the same chance of working as, well, buying a ticket in the Texas lottery. Bush believes in the leadership principle (führerprinzip in the original German); he does not believe in the concept of collegiality, and the whole idea of nine equals coming to a collective decision simply does not compute for the boy prince. He views Roberts as the leader of the Court, and there can be only one Roberts, one leader. Miers was chosen for the virtue of loyalty; she is expected to be a follower, cannon-fodder if you will. Roberts will write the reactionary decisions, and Miers will dutifully nod her head.

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