Monday, January 08, 2007

Interfacing directly without the interference of filters

The Pentagon website informs us of the start of a “Why We Serve” program, in which troops who have served in Afghanistan or Iraq will be sent around the US for three months to speak to schools, Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts, NAMBLA chapters and the like about the good things they’ve been doing. According to the program’s director, the hyper-alliterative Marine Major Matt Morgan, the idea is to send them “out to the American people so they could talk to community organizations and groups and interface directly without the interference of filters.” So committed is the Pentagon to doing this “without the interference of filters” that these troops were picked by lottery without any ideological screening whatsoever, and will be permitted to say whatever they like about the conduct of the war. Ha ha, I kid the military’s propaganda programs, I kid because I love.

Also... “interface.”

If you want to invite one of these fine troops to speak at your next anti-war rally, barn-raising, bris, Star Trek convention, pie-eating contest, Renaissance Faire, bachelorette party, etc, the request form is here.

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