Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bush in Uruguay, where the, um, software comes from

In a press conference with Uruguayan President Tabare Vázquez, Bush said something that was entirely truthful: “I think many people in my country don’t know that Uruguay is the leading exporter of software in South America.”

He continued to search desperately for other tidbits in a failed attempt to make Uruguay interesting: “Interestingly enough, we both have gotten rid of colonial powers in our past, and it is -- I think it is that heritage that makes Uruguay and the United States such natural partners.” You could say the same thing about Zimbabwe or Burma or Cuba or the majority of nations in the world.

Hugo Chavez, speaking to a large rally just one country away in Argentina, referred to George as “the little imperial gentleman from the north” and “a political corpse.” Bush’s Latin American tour has him scheduled to address no public crowds, of any size. Funny, that.

A reporter asked Bush, “Hugo Chavez suggested that you are afraid to mention his name. So, are you?” In his response, Bush did not mention Chavez’s name. To be fair, Chavez is a pretty scary fellow.

Asked about the FBI abuse of national security letters, Bush said, “My question is, what are you going to do to solve the problem and how fast can you get it solved? And I was pleased by Director Mueller’s answer, that he had already begun to address some of the problems, but there’s more work to be done.” Bush was pleased with that answer, aren’t you pleased with that answer, knowing you can go about your business, safe in the reassuring knowledge that Robert Mueller has already begun to address some of the problems, but there is more work to be done.

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