Monday, March 12, 2007

We want the American people to see us sitting side by side

Headline (AP) of the day: “Israel Recalls Naked, Drunk Ambassador.” To be fair, he wasn’t entirely naked: there was some bondage gear...

Oddest choice of verb in a headline of the day (also AP): “Bush Pushes U.S. Compassion in Guatemala.”

By the way, have there been any mass demonstrations against Hugo Chavez’s tour? Clashes with police? Burnings of Venezuelan flags and effigies in red shirts? Maybe there have been, and they just haven’t been reported in the, you know, Liberal Media. Funny, that.

Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate homeland security committee, has come up with an audacious scheme to secure the homeland: members of the committee will henceforth sit not by party but either by seniority (as Al Kamen reports) or alternating (Wall Street Journal) rather than party. According to Lieberman, the 2006 elections showed that Americans are sick of partisanship, “So, as a start, instead of sitting on opposite sides of the room like a house divided, we want the American people to see us sitting side by side”. That’s so crazy it just might work!

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