Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know, us dogs aren't really so much of the dogs that we think we are

Name of the Day, from the obituary of actor Betsy Blair: her daughter Kerry, when she was married to Gene Kelly. Kerry Kelly.

Betsy Blair was best known for her role in the movie Marty, where she played a girl dating Marty, whose loser friends considered her too homely to be dating Ernest Borgnine, but in the end he decided that he liked her anyway. The irony is that Blair was more mousy than homely, but Hollywood wouldn’t give the role to the more homely, but more talented, Nancy Marchand (Tony Soprano’s mother, Lou Grant’s publisher Mrs Pynchon), who had played the role in the earlier television version (which I remember as quite good), Hollywood’s idea of homely or plain people being Ingrid Bergman with glasses or Michelle Pfeiffer without makeup.

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