Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I want new, young faces

As has been noted here before, Silvio Berlusconi tends to promote women into politics for reasons other than competence and experience. Among his picks to liven up the next elections for the European Parliament are Angela Sozio, best known from Big Brother (Grande Fratello),

Eleonora Gaggioli, a tv actress,

Camilla Ferranti, star of soap opera and nudie calendar alike,

and Barbara Matera, a former Miss Italy contestant and tv announcer.

As with his Minister of for Equal Opportunities, you can find topless pictures of some of these women online (hell, it was hard to find a picture of Angela Sozio where she wasn’t topless, but this is a family blog). Sez Silvio, “I want new, young faces.” That was my excuse for this post. But then, I’m running a blog, not a country.

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