Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We’ve ridden that train together again and again

Arlen Specter appeared this morning alongside Obama and Biden.

Specter, perhaps forgetting that people who vote in Republican primaries sometimes show up for general elections as well, said, “I was unwilling to subject my 29-year record in the United States Senate to the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate”. You know, I can’t say I have much respect for Republicans either, but it’s unseemly for an elected official in a democracy to speak quite so disdainfully about “subjecting” himself to voters. Insulting the party leaders is one thing, dismissing the 3,169,194 registered Republicans is something else.

Anyways, the following homoerotic-sounding things were said during the photo op:

Biden: “We’ve ridden the train for so many years... it’s just a delight to have no separation.”

Specter: “We’ve ridden that train together again and again, and we’ve supported that train.”

Specter: “And I appreciate what you have in the stimulus package, Mr. President.”

Specter: “When I talked to the president yesterday, I said, I haven’t seen you in the elevator lately.”

Obama: “I don’t expect Arlen to be a rubber stamp.”

Obama: “And I’m also grateful that Joe Biden paid him a little attention on the train.”

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