Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today -100: March 18, 1910: Of Short and Mud

The Philadelphia general strike will be supported by a state-wide strike. The transit company has again increased the number of trolleys running, and, indeed, running over two more children.

A man who tried to follow President Taft into a meeting in Chicago was seized by the Secret Service. He claimed to be a reporter, which he wasn’t, and that his name was, um, Dick Short. At the train station, a woman who tried to get into Taft’s car and fought with the Secret Service claimed that her name was Jennie Mud.

Republican Insurgents in the House are striking at the power of the over-powerful Speaker, “Uncle Joe” Cannon, by trying to remove him from the Rules Committee and strip him of the power to name members of the committee. One of the Insurgents, and presumably this is a real name, is Judge Crumpacker.

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