Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today -100: March 24, 1910: Of union wusses, uniforms, and fashionable hats

The Pennsylvania Federation of Labor decides against a state-wide strike in support of the street car strike in Philadelphia.

The House voted to make it illegal for theaters in D.C. or territories of the US to discriminate against military people in uniform. Rep. Sims (who I take to be Thetus Sims, D-Tenn.) moved to amend the bill to apply only to white wearers of the uniform, but was told that the bill banned discrimination solely on account of the uniform and didn’t prevent other types of discrimination. Satisfied, he withdrew his amendment.

The NJ Legislature’s lower house passed an Audubon Society-sponsored bill by a vote of 33 to 11, to ban women (I assume the law actually applies to hat-wearers of both sexes, but the NYT says women) wearing hats decorated with feathers, wings or entire bodies of dead birds, with the exception of the feathers of birds of paradise, ostriches, domestic pigeons or domestic fowl.

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