Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Today -100: May 3, 1911: Of mothers, polar explorers, child labor, and pie

The National Congress of Mothers’ 15th annual meeting passes resolutions for a federal law against polygamy, for a ban on the marriage of “feeble-minded and degenerate” people, and denouncing soothing syrups, medicated soft drinks and comic supplements.

Competing polar explorers Scott and Amundsen meet at Whale Bay.

Following the Triangle factory fire, NYC aldermen vote to require quarterly inspections of all buildings in NYC used for manufacturing. Mayor Gaynor vetoes it because there aren’t enough inspectors.

The NY Assembly passes (86 to 36) a bill to restrict the work of children under 18 and women under 21 to 54 hours a week. Republicans object that the bill is unconstitutional because it curtails the right of contract.

Headline of the Day -100: “Ate Pie Daily, Lived to 96.” Twice a day, in fact. Job Tillou of South Orange, NJ. He also chewed tobacco.

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