Sunday, September 11, 2011

George Bush celebrates Nineelevenmas

I might have refrained from making fun of Bush’s chimp-like face if he’d had the decency to keep it to himself this weekend, but there it was, smirking at the dedication of the Flight 93 memorial,

trying to look all somber-like,

or possibly just falling asleep,

smirking next to his favorite comedy partner,

wondering how long this stoopid ceremony was gonna go on,

looking all squinty and somber-like at some flowers,

and (today) trying to look all dignitudinous at Ground Zero,

but not for long, ‘cuz he got to go a football game. New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys. Like we haven’t had more than enough in the last ten years of New York jets and Dallas cowboys.

Someone just told a dirty joke.

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