Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some 9/11 nostalgia

A few quotes from myself (because if I don’t quote myself, who will?). These are from the proto version of this blog in the days after 9/11:

Like a lot of people before them, they came to New York with no more than a dream in their hearts, a knife, and many hours spent playing with the flight simulator.

The Empire State Building is now once again the tallest building in NY, which is as it should be. Some of us never took too well to the sacrilege of the World Trade Center. Speaking of which, the Empire State Building was briefly evacuated today after a bomb-sniffing dog made a mistake. Thrown off by the lingering giant-monkey smell, no doubt.

Congress is so desperate to act as if it has a role in this that members are talking about declaring war. Against what or whom, they do not know or care.

From a guy at an Internet firm in the World Trade Center: “I’m a combat veteran. Vietnam, and I never saw anything like this.” No shit, I’m guessing that’s because there were relatively few 110-story buildings in the rice paddies?

Texas postponed an execution. No sense of irony, the Texans.

I especially liked how [Bush] said at the Pentagon, “Coming here makes me sad.” The man is a walking emoticon.

Rep. Don Young of Alaska thinks the real culprits might be the

Bush says that we will now rid the world of evil. I see him traveling the world fighting evil wherever it arises. Like that guy in Kung Fu.

Bush’s use of the word crusade is another reason they should never let him speak in public again. He couldn’t have said something more disturbing to the Islamic world than if he called bin Laden a sand nigger.

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