Monday, July 30, 2012

He’s making less and less effort to disguise his contempt

Romney’s claim in Israel that the Israeli (Jews) are richer than Palestinians because of their superior “culture” and the “hand of Providence” is nothing special. It’s just a Middle East variant of his belief that poor people are poor because they are big ol’ losers. Just like, according to Mittens in the same speech, Mexicans and Ecuadorans.


  1. Mitt Romney said, in the National Review: " it took a nonviolent civil-rights movement to bring political and social equality to all Americans." Non-violence? Selma?

  2. To be fair, he didn't claim that the civil non-violent civil-rights movement didn't receive violence.

    What's more interesting, given that his op-ed was about Israel, was that in his barely glancing mention of the Palestinians he failed to give them any clues about how to redress their inferior culture and start earning the big bucks.