Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today -100: July 14, 1912: Of pardons, the need for more Germans, ex-senators, and congresswomen

A private detective testifies to the South Carolina investigating committee that a friend of Gov. Coleman Blease promised that for $5,000 Blease would pardon James Johnson, alias Edward Murphy, alias Ed Howard, alias Gus Befold, alias G.M. Defeld, who blew open the safe of the Knoree Manufacturing Company.

Blease, who last year tried to get Atlanta attorney Thomas Felder extradited from Georgia, evidently in retaliation for Felder accusing him of having taken bribes when he was a state senator, last week tried to get him arrested on that warrant in Maryland, where Felder was a delegate at the Democratic convention.

President Taft will not campaign for re-election, because that sort of thing is beneath the dignity of the office.

The German government issues a warning against the “perilous decrease” in the birth-rate. There will be an inquiry.

The Senate expels William Lorimer (R-Ill.) 55-28 due to the massive corruption involved in his election. Lorimer says it’s okay because his family still loves him. Roosevelt takes credit for it, because two years ago he refused to sit at the same table with him at a public dinner.

Democrats in the 9th Congressional District of California (L.A.) select a woman, Musa Rawlings, as candidate.

Britain: a couple of suffragettes are arrested trying to burn down Colonial Minister Lewis Harcourt’s mansion.

Hey, did I mention the 1912 Olympics are going on? They totally are.

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