Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holy Joe is being sent to live on a farm upstate

John McCain made a statement on the floor of the Senate today about the retirement of Joe Lieberman. This was the first sentence: “Mr. President, one of the most overused quotes about Washington is Harry Truman’s observation that if you want a friend here, get a dog.” He then proceeded to talk about “a departing colleague whose friendship has been and will always be one of the great treasures of my life.” Who’s a good boy, Joe, who’s a good boy?

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  1. What's with McCain's hands? They look very unnatural - but then I guess that's just John all over.

  2. Highly creepy photo, but what else can be expected considering the subjects? And what of that tuft of hair on the bottom right?

  3. Not to worry, John, you've still got Lindsay Graham.