Saturday, December 01, 2012

Totally legitimate

So the US is probably declaring the Syrian rebels as the True Czar of All the Syrias or something, because it is “a legitimate representative of the Syrian people’s aspirations,” which is unarguably true. It is also unarguably false, because it is hard to argue with a word-salad-with-bullshit-dressing like “legitimate representative of the Syrian people’s aspirations.”

But the UN shouldn’t recognize the Palestinian state, which has actually had elections, because um, why again?

How do you become a legitimate representative of an aspiration? The legitimate representatives of the American people’s aspirations would include Man in Rocket Pack and Boy Eating His Entire Body Weight in Twinkies.

(Update: The Internet is an infinite number of monkeys that has already come up with every post you or I will ever write, no matter how clever and original we think we’re being. In other words, there are 28 Google hits for “word salad with bullshit dressing,” which I thought I just made up.)

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  1. And the phrase even dates back as far as Jan 2009. You're well behind the times, Sir!

  2. Indeed. Just plain "word salad," however old its origins, shot to widespread usage after Sarah Palin came to prominence, for some reason.

  3. But had any ever come up with THIS PARTICULAR combination of WSWBD before? Not even infinite monkeys could come up with THAT bullshit.