Monday, January 28, 2013

Today -100: January 28, 1913: Militancy, and yet again militancy!

Electoral college votes were due yesterday, but Wilford Webb, the bearer of the three Arizona votes, is missing. He left Phoenix ten days ago. DC hotels and clubs are being searched.

Headline of the Day -100: “England in Fear of Suffragists.” Following the unexpected ruling by the speaker of the House of Commons that a women’s suffrage amendment couldn’t be added to the government’s Franchise Reform Bill, the government withdraws the bill. Some suffragists think the whole thing was a conspiracy to “dish” them. Some are demanding that pro-suffrage members of the Cabinet resign in protest. Others are demanding a government women’s suffrage bill (which is the only practical way to get it through all its stages, overriding the inevitable veto by the House of Lords, before the next general election is due and they’d have to start all over from the beginning). Most are just furious. Militancy is about to resume. Police are everywhere. Shops are boarding up their windows. Mrs. Pankhurst, head of the Women’s Social and Political Union, calls for “Militancy, and yet again militancy!” Charlotte Despard, president of the Women’s Freedom League, declares that suffragettes will now break “man-made law” “in every possible way.”

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