Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Close bonds

The White House responds to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s cancellation of her visit to the US.

The statement says that the invitation was “a reflection of the importance he places on... the close bonds between the American and Brazilian people.” Granted, one of these close bonds, the NSA’s reading of the Brazilian people’s emails, was one the Brazilian people were not aware of, but it was a very close bond nonetheless.

“As the President previously stated, he has directed a broad review of U.S. intelligence posture, but the process will take several months to complete.” Presumably this review is to determine if the allegations in the Snowden infodump were true, something which Obama claimed not to know when he met Rousseff at the G-20.

“the presidents have agreed to postpone President Rousseff’s State Visit to Washington”. That’s after Rousseff said she wasn’t coming. Obama graciously “agreed” to let her not come, as opposed to sending in Seal Team Six to rendition her to the White House State Dining Room.

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  1. You have such a caring and friendly president who takes a really intelligent interest in people all over the world. So courteous that Brazilian lady (and I bet he doesn't even wonder if she has one). And the trouble he takes in sending all those little un-manned aeroplanes everywhere to chastise naughty men. You must all be really proud of him and, I'm sure, if he could stand for another term in the job, it would be a no-contest shoe-in for him.

    Or some such shit...