Sunday, September 01, 2013

Today -100: September 1, 1913: Of refugees and bloody Sundays

Although Pres. Wilson told Americans in Mexico that they should leave, he didn’t actually have any preparations in place. Those who obeyed are being dumped in New Orleans and handed $5, so now many Americans still in Mexico are refusing to leave.

Bloody Sunday in Dublin (yes, there have been other Bloody Sundays in Ireland; it’s just that kind of place). James Larkin, president of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, holds a public meeting that the police had banned. Larkin, on bail on a charge of seditious conspiracy, had burned the proclamation banning the meeting on Friday and an arrest warrant was issued. He evades the police, sneaks into a hotel in disguise and addresses the crowd from a balcony for a while before being arrested. The police beat strikers, injuring hundreds and killing one.

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