Friday, June 13, 2014

Today -100: June 13, 1914: Of delegates, eternal friendship, ribots, balloons, and tangoes

Carranza appoints three delegates to the Niagara conference, simply ignoring the mediators’ demand for an armistice as a condition of allowing them to participate. I believe he’s calling their bluff.

Japanese Vice Admiral Kuroi, visiting San Francisco with some cruisers, as is the custom, says the friendship between the US and Japan will never be broken.

New French Prime Minister Alexandre Ribot forms his cabinet, takes office, and resigns office after losing a vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. 2½ days in power. Next up: Viviani, again.

Many people think Greece and Turkey are about to start another war. Greece is complaining about Turkey’s expulsion of thousands of Greeks.

Rep. Matthew Neely (D-West Virginia) presents impeachment charges against US District Judge Alston Dayton, who during the recent coal strikes issued injunctions against miners and said he wouldn’t let the United Mine Workers operate within his jurisdiction.

A large balloon crashes during a balloon race and is currently lost somewhere in the forests of the Cascade Mountains, its captain injured, which we know because the news was sent by carrier pigeon. (Update from tomorrow’s paper: they crashed into a pine tree and were caught in its branches 100 feet above the ground. They sent the pigeon and then climbed down, the end.)

Headline of the Day -100: “Queen Mary Sees Tango and Likes It.”

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