Friday, June 27, 2014

Today -100: June 27, 1914: Of volunteers, old cars, plane crashes, races, moose herds, and bribery

Some private citizens in Vienna are raising a volunteer army to fight for Prince William of Albania. However, they’re recruiting from amongst reservists in the Austrian Army, so they probably won’t be allowed to go.

Congress again refuses to buy a new car for the vice president, who drives a 1909 model, which Rep. James Mann (R-Ill.) calls “a sight to fill any decent American citizen with chagrin.” (The NYT suggests he take the trolley.)

Two more German military aviators die in one incident, and one in another incident. Wait for the war, guys. There’ll be plenty of pointless death to go around.

Mexican Revolution Headlines of the Day -100: “Villa Chasing His Beaten Foes” (The capture of Zacatecas is followed by a precipitate retreat by the federales).
2) “Rebel Leaders Race for Mexico City.”

Headline of the Day -100: “Moose Herd Has Colonel Cornered.” The NYT thinks Theodore Roosevelt is being backed into running for governor against his will, after he rejected the idea of the Progressive Party nominating NYC District Attorney Charles Whitman, the probable Republican candidate.

The Progressive candidate for governor of Colorado, Edward Costigan, says mine owners offered him $50,000 to support a candidate (whom he does not name, but who is sitting in that very room as he gives his speech) for US senate.

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