Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today -100: October 1, 1914: Of religious freedom, prize cattle, mines and mines, and duels

A Carranzista newspaper says that Mexicans who worked for the American occupation forces in Vera Cruz may be imprisoned or executed.

Czar Nicholas tells his new subjects in Eastern Galicia, captured from Austria, that the province will be gradually Russified in its language and laws.  There will be religious freedom but he will protect the Russian Orthodox Church from open or secret attacks, whatever that means.

Russian troops have captured Kaiser Wilhelm’s prize cattle from his East Prussian estates.  They will be distributed for breeding.

Italy protests Austria’s mining the Adriatic; one of its fishing boats just got blown up.

Fog of War (Rumors, Propaganda and Just Plain Bullshit) of the Day -100: The captain and officers of the Austrian steamship Radium are shot on suspicion of selling the location of mines in the Adriatic to the French Navy.

The new Mexican government will not recognize any mine titles issued by the Huerta regime.

A French newspaper claims that Romania’s King Carol tried to convince his cabinet to go to war on Germany’s side, but they would only agree to entering the war if it were against Austria.  The king then tried to get the army to back him in a coup, but that failed too.  Did I mention that all of his personal money is in German banks?  Also, he was born Karl and he’s a Hohenzollern. And he signed a secret agreement with Austria and Germany in 1883, though he only mentioned it to the Crown Council in August, and they were not impressed.

Worried about German spies and trouble-stirrers entering India, Britain will henceforth allow foreigners to enter India only through Rangoon, Calcutta and Madras.

The Cuban Congress is considering a bill for an amnesty for everyone convicted of a crime related to dueling, like, say, homicide.

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