Thursday, October 02, 2014

Today -100: October 2, 1914: Of mines, trees, the inevitable conflict of the races, and spies

Austria apologizes for sinking Italian ships with its mines and promises not to do it again.

Villa and Carranza agree a truce.

The US consul at Chemnitz, Germany, resigns because of threats and insults made against his wife for speaking English.

The US and Russia sign a peace treaty, to replace the one abrogated by Pres. Taft because of Russian failure to honor the passports of American Jews.  The terms of this one are not yet known.

Belgium is systematically cutting down the country’s trees to reduce cover for the German occupiers.

House Minority Leader James R. Mann (R-Ill.) speaks against the bill giving eventual independence to the Philippines, because an independent Philippines “would be used against us in the inevitable conflict between the races.”

Carl Lody, a Germany traveling under a stolen American passport, is arrested by the British authorities as a spy.  He’d spent the pervious weeks traveling around harbors, taking sketches and reporting back to Germany in badly coded telegrams.  After the first telegram, MI5 blocked the rest, except for one passing on the false rumor that Russian soldiers (you know, the ones with snow on their boots) were passing through Britain on the way to the Western Front.  After writing a very polite letter of thanks to his jailors for their considerate treatment of him, he is executed by firing squad.

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