Sunday, May 17, 2015

Today -100: May 17, 1915: Of gas, hoovers, and funny juries

The archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of London publicly oppose Britain using poison gas.

Interesting article about how Herbert Hoover’s Commission for Relief in Belgium had to set up a whole financial and banking structure to support its relief efforts, since the Belgian currency had literally disappeared. It really was an impressive and complex achievement by Hoover, who’s obviously a great guy to have in charge during a financial crisis.

Colorado miners’ unions complain to the US Commission on Industrial Relations that Colorado coal companies are packing the juries trying union members for alleged offenses during the recent coal strike, using open venire, meaning the sheriff chooses the jury, in this case picking coal company doctors, managers, etc. The judge himself is a coal company lawyer, funnily enough. In one case, the unions claim, he allowed in a juror who had a bet on the verdict.

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