Sunday, May 03, 2015

Today -100: May 3, 1915: Of gulflights, mountain tops, and extreme states of subdivision

The American oil tanker Gulflight is torpedoed off the Scilly Islands on its way from Texas to France. 3 dead, including the captain (from a heart attack).

Headline of the Day -100 Which Is Totally Not a Euphemism:

Race riot in Seaford, Delaware, with threats of lynchings. (Is there a follow-up to this story? There is not.)

Reynold Spaeth, a biologist at Clark College, writes a letter to the NYT in support of chemical warfare. Why, he says, we asphyxiate our unwanted animals, and “Aesthetically or humanely an intact corpse seems preferable to an extreme state of subdivision or even to a living human fraction, deprived of appendages and sense organs which we have come to consider essential.”

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