Saturday, December 12, 2015

Today -100: December 12, 1915: Of fraught vessels, emperors, passports, and war votes

The Earl of Rosebery, a former Tory prime minister, calls Henry Ford’s Peace Ship “a vessel fraught with peace”.

Pres. Yuan Shikai graciously accepts the Council of State’s offer to make him Emperor of China. I predict a long and prosperous reign.

The US State Department is chatting with the Austrian embassy about evidence that Austria was helping its citizens here to fraudulently obtain US passports in order to return to Austria to fight.

Two IRS employees are arrested for selling lists of income-tax payers. Undisclosed is who bought the lists or why they’d want them.

Sen. Robert Owen (D-Oklahoma) proposes a constitutional amendment allowing the US to go to war only after a vote by the majority of voters in a majority of congressional districts.

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