Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Today -100: December 22, 1915: Every fit man

Henry Ford’s Peace Ship campaign fails to interest Norwegian peace activists in working with him. They cite the presence of Rosika Schwimmer as Ford’s lieutenant. Because she’s Hungarian, not because she’s difficult to work with. Which she is.

Prime Minister Henry Asquith tells Parliament he needs a million more men for the army, because he’s kind of broken a lot of the ones they already gave him. The army needs “every fit man,” he says. He still hasn’t come out in favor of conscription, but Irish Nationalist leader John Redmond takes the opportunity to inform him that the Nats will fight conscription by every means they have.

The NYC Board of Health will allow the sale of horse meat in the city. It will also now ban people with typhoid fever from handling food, which you’d have thought they would already have done, Typhoid Mary and all.

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