Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today -100: June 16, 1916: I join the American people in thanking God that we have a president who does not want the nation to fight

The Democrat Convention nominates Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Marshall, earlier than planned. The delegates realized that there wasn’t enough business to keep the convention busy for all 4 days for which it was scheduled to run in order to keep the money rolling in to St Louis hotels and bars and prostitutes. They threatened to go home before the nominations and the organizers gave in and moved the noms up, deleting a day of boring speeches from the schedule.

William Jennings Bryan is attending as a reporter, but the delegates demand he be allowed to give a speech. Funnily enough, he has one all prepared. He praises Wilson effusively, saying “I join the American people in thanking God that we have a president who does not want the nation to fight.” He applauds the Federal Reserve Act for breaking the hold of Wall Street not only on the business of the nation but its politics, setting the nation free.

Pope Benedict bans dancing at all Catholic entertainments. Priests are banned from attending any dances.

The Bishop of Brooklyn says he’ll order phones removed from all Church buildings if another instance of phone-tapping occurs.

Mexican bandits raid across the border, attacking a US cavalry encampment, killing 3 soldiers but losing rather more themselves.

Laredo, Texas businessmen force the editor of El Progreso across the border into Mexico, not to return under penalty of death.

Rumors that Jews in Russia are encouraging desertion from the army lead Prime Minister Boris Stürmer to order governors to “keep strict watch over” Jews. “You must very carefully observe what the Jews talk and how they behave in railroad carriages”; “In case of the least suspicion, a Jew should be tried by court-martial” and if there is no evidence, exile them to Siberia anyway.

A mail train is blown up by a bomb mailed to the governor of Utah.

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