Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Today -100: October 26, 1916: Not too proud to get kicked

Between Norway banning German u-boats from its territorial waters and German u-boats sinking a lot of Norwegian ships recently – a lot – the two countries seem to be close to war.

I’m not sure if Roosevelt is making more speeches on Hughes’s behalf than Hughes is making, or if Hughes’s speeches are just so dull that they’re not being covered, but from the newspaper coverage you’d think Roosevelt was running for president. His speeches are certainly much more anti-Wilson than they are pro-Hughes, who he barely mentions. In a speech in Nebraska, TR says that a man who is “too proud to fight” is not too proud to get kicked, and the same is true of nations. More than two years into the Great War, with literally millions of people dead, and Americans still sound like they’re talking about a school-yard scrap. And again Roosevelt blames Wilson’s too-proud-to-fightism for the Lusitania and the deaths of Americans in the Mexican civil war.

The presidential race is neck and neck:

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