Saturday, October 29, 2016

Today -100: October 29, 1916: Proud mothers of a nation of heroes or mothers of a race of degenerates?

Australian voters reject a referendum proposal to bring in conscription, despite the government, in a Texas-level attempt at voter suppression, authorizing polling officers to question young male voters about whether they’d registered for the possible draft like they were supposed to do. Before the vote, Prime Minister Billy Hughes says that Germany would never dare put issues like this to the vote, and notes that Australian women are voting – “Will the women of Australia be the proud mothers of a nation of heroes, or stand dishonored as the mothers of a race of degenerates?” The latter, evidently. Hughes’s Labor Party is so divided on the issue that in a couple of weeks it will expel him.

With the US presidential race well into the traditional last-minute-sliming stage, Republicans led by Henry Cabot Lodge are accusing Woodrow Wilson of appending a postscript to one of his notes to Germany about the Lusitania telling them not to take its strong anti-Lusitania-sinking language seriously. According to the story, he had to delete it because members of the Cabinet threatened to resign.

Headline That Sounds Dirty But Really Isn’t of the Day -100:

Louis Marshall Ream, heir to the Ream millions, had his marriage to a chorus girl annulled, but she gets a NY Supreme Court justice to un-annul it.

Headline That Sounds Dirty But Really Isn’t of the Day -100:

A horse, as it happens. A horse named Bondage. Bondage was ridden by Ball and beat Tragedy at the Potomac Handicap. There are probably less pleasant ways to arrange the words “bondage,” “ball,” “handicap” and “tragedy” in a sentence.

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