Friday, November 25, 2016

Today -100: November 25, 1916: The world wants a new Mexico

Headline of the Day -100:

Russian Prime Minister Boris Stürmer is forced out by the Duma and is replaced by Transport Minister Alexander Fyodorovitch Trepov, who will also continue in that post. He is “progressive” in comparison to Stürmer and the czar and Rasputin (who he will try to bribe to stop interfering in policy), which is rather a low bar. It isn’t especially reassuring that his brother Dmitri was in charge of suppressing the 1905 Revolution and his father was also a reactionary general.

The US-Mexican Commission come to an agreement that would see US troops withdrawn from Mexico 40 days after it’s signed by Wilson and Carranza – if conditions in northern Mexico are sufficiently stable. Since that’s a subjective standard, it sounds to me like an agreement that the US will continue to do whatever it damn well wants. And after they withdraw, US troops can continue to enter Mexico to attack “marauders.” The Americans say there’s no reason Mexico should have any problem with that because the marauders are their common enemy. There is of course no reciprocal right for Mexican forces. Interior Secretary Franklin Lane, head of the US delegation, says “this is only a beginning to a policy which will make a Mexico that we can live with. ... We will help her to get into good shape if she can understand that we mean to be her friend.”

Someone cut down Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite sassafras tree. He offers a reward for the malefactor’s capture.

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