Monday, November 28, 2016

Today -100: November 28, 1916: Of dejected lawyers, ambassadors, and beer

Charles Evans Hughes is going back to his old law firm, Rounds, Schurman & Dwight. His son CEH Jr will join him.

Britain refuses to give safe passage to the newly appointed Austrian ambassador to the United States. The last one, Konstantin Dumba, was expelled over a year ago for running sabotage operations in the US, which is Britain’s excuse for not allowing a new one.

August Busch of Anhauser-Busch joins Gustave Pabst in supporting regulation of drinking in order to ward off total prohibition, as the brewers attempt to separate themselves from the liquor interests. Busch supports abolishing bars in saloons so patrons are only served at tables, banning treating, and for allowing saloons to to sell only beer, light wine and non-alcoholic drinks as in Germany.

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