Sunday, April 02, 2017

Today -100: April 2, 1917: Unimpressed

The NYT’s Berlin correspondent reports: “Everybody knows that within a few days America will declare war against Germany, but no one seems particularly impressed by it.” He also says there is little American news in the German newspapers, and what there is is mostly extracts from French newspapers, which are more propaganda than fact. Germans are far more concerned with the prospects for constitutional reform in both Prussia and Germany.

A mob in Baltimore break up a meeting of the American League Against Militarism and are in turn violently attacked by the cops.

Czar Nicholas’s entourage is imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress because of a supposed plot amongst various grand dukes & grand duchesses to proclaim Grand Duke Nicholas as the new tsar.

Polish members of the Russian Duma resign, because Poland is independent now, right?

Vermont, tired for some reason of elopers coming to their state to marry, passes a law requiring couples from other places than where their license is issued to wait 5 days before the ceremony. There’s an exemption for soldiers.

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