Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Today -100: April 4, 1917: International nuisances are the worst kind

Former President Taft says if the US is invaded, it will be through Mexico. He considers Carranza “not the most reliable person imaginable” and Mexico “an international nuisance.”

The US is not at war with Germany yet, because Robert La Follette is filibustering it. The NYT says “There is, of course, but one explanation of Mr. La Follette’s conduct; which one it is we have not the least idea.”

The NY State Senate is holding contempt hearings into New York City Mayor John Purroy Mitchel, for accusing Minority Leader Robert Wagner of “working in the interest of Germany”. Mitchel, who denies their jurisdiction over him but attending the hearing out of, um, politeness, says he never meant to accuse Wagner of treason.

Municipal elections in Chicago are won decisively by the Democrats, reversing the results of 1915. And Springfield votes itself dry, along with five other Illinois towns; one dry town goes wet.

The Kaiserin (Mrs. The Kaiser Wilhelm) will sell some of her jewels in the Netherlands to give the cash to charity. The fate of the Romanovs is having a salubrious influence on the other royals of Europe.

Frederick Pethick-Lawrence runs for Parliament in the South Aberdeen by-election on behalf of the anti-war Union of Democratic Control on a platform of peace by negotiation. He loses 10 to 1. P-L, who went to jail for the suffragist cause before the war, will eventually be elected as a Labour MP, rising to the Cabinet under Attlee and before that official leader of the opposition during World War II, meaning he was head of the few Labour MPs who didn’t join the Coalition and was the guy who stood across from Churchill at Prime Minister’s Questions.

100,000 political prisoners are leaving Siberia. By sledge, mostly. Blacksmiths have been busy removing people’s shackles.

There is a record demand for flags. Flag companies can’t keep up.

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