Sunday, September 17, 2017

Today -100: September 17, 1917: Of eternal indefiniteness, fake news, women doctors, and Polish regencies

Kerensky declares Russia a republic in order to “put an end to the eternal indefiniteness of the State’s organization”.

With Gen. Kornilov finally in custody, the government is saying that most of the soldiers who marched on Petrograd were told lies or one sort or another about why they were doing so. Not sure to what extent this is actually true, but it’s a good way to de-escalate the situation.

The London Daily News reports that right after the fall of Riga, Kerensky got married. To an actress, no less. “It is amusing to hear that this item of fashionable intelligence created an unfavorable impression in Petrograd.” Petrograd will be pleased to hear that it is not true. Kerensky is already married. As is the actress in question. But it’s an interesting rumor for someone to have started.

Harvard – well, just Harvard Medical School, but still – will admit women for the first time. Its enthusiasm for the scheme is shown by the announcement being made only a week before the start of the new term.

Germany and Austria decree a new Polish state. Which they will be occupying while the war lasts. They still haven’t named a king, but they will appoint a 3-person regency, who will appoint a prime minister, and there’ll be a State Council, also unelected, which will pass legislation. No one’s asking the Poles about any of this.

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