Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Today -100: September 5, 1917: Of envy, plots, Pankhursts, grand dukes, and the Lusitania’s revenge

Woodrow Wilson says he feels “genuine envy” for the soldiers about to go overseas.

The Chicago City Council votes 42 to 6 praising Gov. Lowden for attempting to ban the convention of the People’s Council of America for Democracy and Peace and by implication rebuking Mayor Big Bill Thompson for allowing it. The Society of Veterans of Foreign Wars holds a mock lynching of the mayor.

An alleged plot to blow up the Canadian Parliament building and assassinate Prime Minister Borden is thwarted. The plotters oppose conscription. The police claim German gold was behind it all.

Adela Pankhurst, daughter of Emmeline, sister of Christabel and Sylvia, is sentenced to 9 months in prison for holding a demonstration against conscription in Melbourne. This while she was out on appeal of a 1-month sentence for holding a demonstration last month against food prices. And she’ll find time this month to get married. Mazel tov! They’ll both go to jail next month, which is a Pankhurst’s idea of honeymoon (they’ll also both be interned during the Second World War). Her mother denounced her in a letter to Australian PM Hughes earlier this year.

Deposed Czar Nicholas’s brother Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and his wife are arrested for a supposed counter-revolutionary plot.

The US denies that it’s telling Germany to depose Kaiser Wilhelm and the Hohenzollern dynasty. But a change must be made such that the US can trust the German government, whatever that means.

Walther Schwieger, the captain of the U-boat which sank the Lusitania, is killed when his current u-boat hits a mine.

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