Friday, January 29, 2021

Today -100: January 29, 1921: Of kaiserinnen, obedience, and reparations

The former Mrs Kaiser of Germany is dying (although she’s not as close to death as everyone thinks). She will be buried in Germany, but if Wilhelm attends the funeral, the Netherlands says, he won’t be allowed back in.

The Anglicans are revising the Book of Common Prayer for the first time since 1662, but are not removing “obey” from the female version of the marriage vows.

The Allies agree to extract from Germany reparations of 2 to 6 billion gold marks a year for 42 years (probably at 2 billion for 5 years, then 4 billion for 5, then 6), and a 12½ tax on its exports. The last bit, unlike the rest, can’t be simply imposed on Germany, since it wasn’t mentioned in the peace treaty.

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