Thursday, January 12, 2023

Today -100: January 12, 1923: Of klantowns, ruhrs, dorms, and dead kings

The Mer Rouge hearings hear from current mayor R.L. Dade, who says he resigned from the Klan after just 2 meetings and denounced it (but is unable to remember the name of a single kluxer he saw at those meetings; whatever turns that mer rouge seems to induce face-blindness). Dade says the town is in violent chaos because of the Klan. He says former mayor Bunnie McKoin faked the attack on himself. Elsewhere in the hearings was this delightful exchange:

French PM Raymond Poincaré wins the approval of the National Assembly for occupying the Ruhr, 478-86. The opposition seems to be led by one Léon Blum, the first NYT mention I’ve spotted of the future prime minister. France insists this isn’t a military occupation because all those soldiers are just there to protect engineers and officials. With machine guns and tanks.

At Lausanne, the Allies give up their demand that Christians in Turkey be exempt from conscription.

Harvard’s freshman dorms are compulsory, because democracy and shit. Black students are, of course, excluded from them. Which has been especially embarrassing when incoming students Harvard hadn’t realized were black turn out to be black.

Twice-deposed Greek king Constantine dies in exile in Palermo.

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