Sunday, January 29, 2023

Today -100: January 29, 1923: Of militias, flirting with Moscow, insulting childs, and Armenian homelands

Hundreds of young men arrive in Berlin, having heard that the army is enrolling volunteers in case of war with France. It’s believed that that (false) rumor was spread so that they’d join royalist freikorps groups instead.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Aleksandar Stamboliyski threatens in what the AP calls “a blunt satirical speech” that if the Allies keep pressing Bulgaria on reparations, they’ll get them in the form of the corpses of the leaders of the bourgeois parties, who are currently in prison. I don’t think he understands how reparations work. A bill to try the bourgeois party leaders by a people’s tribunal, without the usual legal protections, is in process. He also says he’s been “flirting with Moscow.”

Headline of the Day -100:  

Not a low-budget horror film about a malevolent haunted sweater. Angora = Ankara. Child = US Ambassador to Italy Richard Child, acting as observer at the Lausanne Conference. 

Russia offers to take Armenian refugees and give them land – the use of land rather than private ownership of course – in southwestern Russia, so long as they become Russian citizens.

Charlie Chaplin and actress Pola Negri announce their engagement, which has been rumored for months. That is, Negri has been whispering it to gossip columnists for the publicity. Not sure why Chaplin is playing along now.

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