Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Today -100: June 12, 1924: Of platforms & pleas

The Republican Convention adopts a platform by a vote of 13,000 to 28. It includes joining the World Court, Treasury Sec Andrew Mellon’s tax plan, and a federal anti-lynching law. It fails to mention the Ku Klux Klan by name or the Bonus, omits the Equal Rights Amendment, and opposes Philippines independence.

Republican leaders – congresscritters, Cabinet members, etc – choose Sen. William Borah of Idaho as Coolidge’s running mate (this looks very much like Coolidge doing what he said he wouldn’t do – intervening in the choice of veep). Informed of the decision, Borah again says fuck no.

Leopold n’ Loeb plead not guilty to kidnapping and murdering Bobby Franks (that’s two charges, both subject to the death penalty). It’s Richard Loeb’s 19th birthday.

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  1. Senator William E. Borah of Idaho was a western progressive who opposed foreign policy adventurism. He was also the father of Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s illegitimate daughter, Paula, thus earning Roosevelt Longworth the sobriquet “Aurora Borah Alice.”