Sunday, June 23, 2024

Today -100: June 23, 1924: Of invisible governments and junkmen & cockchafers

William Gibbs McAdoo gives a speech calling for the “restoration of the administration of national affairs to the people from the control of a sinister, unscrupulous, invisible government, which has its seat in the citadel of privilege and finance in New York City.” Not sure if that’s the euphemism for Jews it sounds like. He’s also not too thrilled with New York newspapers.

Oh, and there’s a new slogan: McAdoo’ll do. Which sounds to me like a rooster crowing. Maybe that’s the idea?

The Illinois Democratic State Committee picks lawyer Earl Dickerson as its candidate for Congress in the First District. He is the first black person so chosen by the Democratic Party. Dunno what happened, but Dickerson will not wind up being the D. candidate.

An American, Edwin Hawley, was killed by Chinese junkmen who objected to him shipping goods by steamer rather than junks. So the commander of the British gunboat Cockchafer threatens to bombard the city of Wanshien unless Chinese military leaders march to Hawley’s funeral in full uniform, arrest the two junkmen, and execute them. Which is done.

Yes, “Cockchafer.”

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